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Well, let's see. I'm not sure, I just decided to put that as the subject. Anyway, while I am still a major McWeir fan and will always write for that pairing...I have become something of a Zelenka/Weir fan as well. I know, I've written a Zelenka/Weir thing...but that wasn't really a was putting words onto paper that happen to be from the POV of certain characters. Not a fic.

What does this mean? Absolutely nothing except that I may write an epic story involving Weir and Zelenka...maybe an AU or not...depends. Really. It does. On whether or not I can get out of the writing slump I've been in the past few months. Yeah, I wrote a couple of McWeir ficlets, but they were isolated incidents.

I hate plot bunnies. Somebody take them away and shoot them, please?


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