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The Lost Magic---written when I was like...twelve

Okay, so I found this paper journal I had when I was twelve, and found this completed story I had written inside. I read it and...whoa...Anyway, I'm just posting it for my own benefit, but I'd like to hear comments on it as well, if you've got any.

In a castle far away, King Winter waited impatiently as his wife Jese gave birth. He hoped that this child would be a son, or at least a daughter that would enjoy activities like horseback riding, fencing and training to be a soldier in the royal army…but he knew that the odds of that happening, were one in a million. Suddenly, he heard a wail. He quickly ran to the birthing room. There before him lay a beautiful baby girl.

She had a very strong grip, and nearly squeezed his fingers off. Winter nearly jumped out of his skin he was so happy. He kept jumping up and down until the problem of a name crossed his mind. What name would fit his tiny daughter? He smiled as the perfect name came to him. He would call her Magic…

Magic grew up in a joyful home. Everyone loved her. Everyone that is, except her mother Jese. Jese was jealous because of all the attention the young princess got, and because Magic was more intelligent than herself. Jese did not like other people being put before her.

Magic learned at an astonishingly fast pace. By the time she was twelve she could outride and outfight any soldier in the royal army. She bested her father when she was fourteen.

On the day of Magic’s eighteenth birthday, Jese figured out a way to rid herself of the beautiful princess. Today she had to start looking for a prince suitable to marry her daughter. Being suitable meant that the prince had to have the qualities Jese thought were best for her daughter. Jese would talk to her cousin, Jedesed, the evil prince. Jedesed despised anything joyful, so of course he would keep Magic locked in a dark, cold, room until all the joy and gaity were sucked out of her body.

Jedesed was a very good actor, also. He could feign joy and merriment so that King Winter would allow him to take his daughter’s hand.

In the solitude of her room, Magic wasn’t very happy with this arrangement. She didn’t want to get married.

Magic had no idea Jese hated her, but Winter did. He was always suspicious of his wife where his youngest daughter was concerned. So, when Jese showed up with Jedesed, he kept them under careful guard.

Magic paced her room trying to get the enevitable marriage off her mind. When that didn’t work, she walked out into the hall. Hearing voices, she hid in a dark corner.

“Jese do not worry,” said a mean voice, which was probably Jedesed’s, “I will take care of Magic. Once we gget to my palace, I will kill her.”

Jese smiled. “That’s good.”

And they both laughed.

Magic bit her lower lip, which she did when she had deep emotions. And she was very scared. She knew there was only one way to get out of the marriage, which had turned into a plot to kill her. She sadly packed some food. As she put her armor on, she began to cry. The castle was the only home she knew, but that was about to change. She climbed out the window and dropped lightly to the ground. As she started to leave, she turned and walked towards the stables. Once there she walked up to her gelding’s stall. “Hello my Black One,” Magic whispered softly, “I’m going to miss you Knight Shadow, but I can’t take you with me.” With that she turned and walked away.

King Winter woke the next morning. He had overheard Jese’s and Jedesed’s plan, and had he had had them beheaded last night. He walked to Magic’s room, to tell her the news, but when he got there, the room was empty. The bed hadn’t even been slept in. He called for a search of the whole castle, but he knew the attempts would be futile. And they were.

Magic walked into the night. She didn’t stop for anything until she couldn’t see the tall spires on the towers of the castle. When she had reached that point, she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the ground.

She awoke with a start. She had heard a noise. She looked around. When she looked up, there, staring her in the face, was a red dragon. “Rest my friend,” said the dragon, smiling, “You need it.” Magic nodded and leaned back against the tree that was behind her.

The area around her was beautiful. The trees were tall and thick. There were many colorful flowers. Then she looked back at the dragon. He was bright red, with blue talons, and large oval shaped green eyes. He also had a long pointed tail, and a kind smile. He was humming a small tune, which was putting her to sleep.

When she woke again, she smelled food. The dragon noticed she was awake again and waddled over to her. It was then she saw his wings. They were the same bright red as the rest of him.

“How are you my dear,” said the dragon, “And did you sleep well?” Magic looked up and smiled, “Yes, thank you,” she said softly. The dragon appeared to have liked her answer.

He spoke again, “My name is Teriano. What is yours?”

She looked up and spoke softly again, “My name is Magic, you are very kind Teriano.”

Teriano beamed and said, “Why thank you Magic. I can see why you are called that. What are you doing here anyways.” Magic’s eyes clouded as she told Teriano her whole story. “Oh you poor dear,” he said in horror when she finished, “It must have been horrible.”

“It was Teri,” Magic said, giving him a nickname, “I still don’t know where I’m going to go.”

Teri thought for a while. He then told her about the other side of the forest. “You must be careful going through the forest,” he cautioned, “There are many dangers.”

Magic nodded her understanding, then stood up on her toes and planted a kiss on Teri’s snout.

Winter paced his room worried. His men searched everywhere for Magic, but there was no sign of her. That was when he knew she was lost forever. His other seven daughters were crying for their lost sister.

Magic walked on through the forest. Her feet were beginning to hurt. This part was darker than the rest. She kept hearing noises. She breathed a sign of relief when she left he dark part of the forest.

General Aaric listened as his father’s friend, King Winter spoke.

“Aaric,” he pleaded, “you must help me find my daughter.”

Aaric shook his head. “Winter, I realize you and my father were friends, but I can’t help you. That blasted Black Dragon is killing every living thing in its path. I promise though, that if I come across her, I will bring her to you personally.”

Winter smiled at his friend’s son. “You are a good man Aaric.” He thanked him and then he left.

“Aaric,” said a soft voice behind him, “You are not going after some spoiled princess.” Lutinent Kani Chang put her hands on his shoulders. When this mission was over they would be married. He wasn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect. Kani wasn’t his type. The only reason they were getting married was because his mother had said it ws the only way he would inherit anything. He sighed and closed his eyes. It was going to be a long day.

Magic walked slowly through a meadow towards the mist. She had seen some of her fathers men and she knew that she had to hide or they would take her back. As she got nearer to the fog, it suddenly moved. To her surprise, instead of mist it was a horse.

She could see that he was afraid, so she held out her hand and talked softly, coaxing him out of the shadows. He immediately stopped trembling. Magic started towards him, when she heard hooves. They were getting closer. Somehow the horse understood her delema. He knelt down so she could climb on his back. She quickly did this. As soon as she was on he got up and took off as fast as he could go.

The soldiers watched as a white horse disappeared into the shadows of the forest. They didn’t say anything about it since this meadow was known to have wild horses.

Magic held on tight at first, but as they ran further intot he forest, she became aware that she wouldn’t fall, no matter how fast he was going. She loosened her grip on his mane. He slowed to a fast walk. Magic let out a sigh of relief. They had left the soldiers far behind. It was at that moment she realized just how fast they had been going. She nearly lost her balance, but caught herself in time. No horse could run that fast.

In his mind he thought to her, “Your name is Magic. I am required to keep you safe while you are with me. You are correct in thinking that I am not a horse. I am, in truth, a unicorn.” Magic blinked. The words hadn’t been said out loud, but she had heard them. “Who’s there?” she asked cautiously, “who are you?”

“My name is Myst,” he informed her,” You were in danger so I helped you.”

Magic gasped as she realized exactly what she was riding. No one had ever seen, much less ridden, a unicorn.

“Thank you,” she said, “I am very grateful to you. I have heard about unicorns, but I thought that they were just myths.”

Myst looked at her. “Sadly, that is what they almost are. You see, I am the last.”

Magic bit her lower lip and asked, “How?”

“Ancient humans hunted us.” He explained.

“About what you said earlier, who told you to keep me safe?” Magic asked.

The beautiful head turned towards her, the iridescent horn barely missing her leg. His eyes gleamed with love. “Someone you would love to meet,” he informed her,” but she asked me not to tell you her name.”

Myst’s eyes were still bright as he turned away from her.

Magic scrambled off his back He was taller than Knight Shadow, so she sort of fell off of him. When she landed on her bottom, the helmet that was hooked to her belt flew off. She began to laugh. The harder she tried to stop, the harder she laughed.

“Who’s in there?” came a male voice. The sound scared the laughter out of Magic. She looked up from where she was sitting on the ground. He had blue eyes and jet black hair.

“Princess Magic?” came the voice, “I am requested by your father to return you home.”

Magic stood up and eyed him belligerently. “All right, but you must let me take my horse.”

“Your horse? Ha. Princess, your gentle hand may have tamed this wild creature, but as soon as you mount you will be thrown halfway across the world.”

Anger glittered in Magic’s eyes. This general may have known her name, but he did not know who she was. She drew her sword.

“Aha, so you want to fight me. Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on y ou.”

But to his surprise, she cut his forearm before he could even clash swords with her.

They fought for nearly two hours until Aaric knocked her sword from her hand, but that was only because Magic was exhausted. Of course, she had to admit, he was better than she.

“You fight well princess.”

“As do you general…”


“General Aaric. My father cannot even best me.”

Aaric raised an eyebrow sarcastically. Winter was the best swordsman in the world. No one he knew could best him. Of course, he had never fought him himself. Perhaps she was speaking the truth.

Magic had never been so angry in all her life. Who was he to…Suddenly, Myst reared. “Stop Magic.” She stopped abruptly, realizing that in her anger she had been about to go after him with her sword. She let it drop from her hand. That had never happened before.

Aaric stood open mouthed from the shock, realizing how close he had come to death. What had sotpped her so suddenly?

“Come princess, we will go to my camp.”

“I have a name,” she retorted, but got on Myst’s back anyways.

“Yes Your Highness.” Aaric still couldn’t believe it. Most princesses wanted to be rescued from the dark forest, but this one, it seemed, didn’t want anything to do with him.

She was quite beautiful riding atop her white steed. Aaric thought back to when he had found her. He had thought that a young boy had gotton lost. But upon closer inspection he saw it was a girl. A girl in her brother’s armor. Then he saw King Winter’s coat of arms. He knew then that it was his youngest daughter Magic.

Magic began to chew her lower lip, a sign that she was deep in thought.

“He is so obnoxious, irritating and…gorgeous,” she told Myst helplessly, “Why can’t I have been found by an ogre or something like that?”

“Because you were found by him,” Myst’s voice rang through her mind, “You should be grateful he is not an ogre. Ogres eat princesses. Well, most princesses.”

Magic hung her head in shame. “he probably wishes I were found by an ogre instead of…”

Her thoughts were interrupted by her name being called.

“…Magic, you seemed to be in very deep thought,” Aaric observed nonchalantly, “What were you thinking about?”

“N-nothing,” she stammered.

“You’re sure?”


Aaric started to say more, but decided not to. They were almost to the camp anyways.

As they got closer to the camp, Magic began to squirm. She was afraid for the first time in her life of what people thought about her. At home it wasn’t so bad, but among total strangers?

Aaric seemed to read hter thoughts because he said, “There’s a boutique just up ahead. I’ll buy you enough dresses to last as long as you’re with me. Perhaps a sidesaddle and bridle also.”

Magic bit back the angry retort she had. Though she didn’t really need them she supposed it wouldn’t do to ride into a camp full of men with her dress hiked up to her thighs.

The gentleman in the boutique was nice. Magic bought two pink gowns, eight simple dresses, sidesaddle and a bridle, at his advice that the would look good on her and her stallion.

Myst stood still and patient as Aaric saddled him and placed the bit in his mouth. Magic was wearing the blue riding habit, the other was yellow, and she looked very lovely. Aaric told her this, but she ignored him, for she believed that she was quite plain.

By the time they had arrived at the camp, Magic had lost all of her fears. That is until she saw a beautiful young woman in armor.

Kani Chang frowned as she saw the woman with Aaric.

“Who is your friend General,” she asked.

“You will bow to her highness, the princess Magic, lutinent Chang.’

Kani did as she was bade. Amazing she thought, that this beautiful young woman was the young princess. From the way King Winter talked, the princess was only eleven or twelve. The woman on the stallion was definitely not twelve years old.

Magic bit her lower lip. All her fears were for nothing. Here was a woman who was a lutinent in a man’s army. She became even angrier at Aaric as she realized he hadn’t even bothered to tell her. And here she was making a spectacle of herself just to show that she was a woman to all these men. No, said an inner voice, only one man. But she refused to acknowledge it. Instead, she stormed off to set up the tent one of the guards had given her so she could change back into her armor and leave camp.

“Where are you going?” asked a silky smooth voice from behind her. It was Lutinent Chang.

“To set up my tent,” she answered.

“There are orderlies to do that your Highness.”

“I am not an incompitant child. I’d prefer to do it myself.”

As soon as Kani left, Magic set the tent up and went inside. She unpacked all her clothes so that people would think that she was coming back. She took the saddle off Myst, but left the bridle on. She then put her armor on.

It was dark when Magic left camp. Myst slipped past the sentries by becoming invisible. Magic was grateful for this because, since she was riding him, the magic worked on her too.

Aaric lay in his tent thinking about the sweet young girl he had met. He suddenly felt guilty about some of t he things he had said to her. He decided to apologize to her.

The horse that Magic called Myst was nowhere in sight as Aaric made his way to the front of Magic’s tent. His stomach sank. Opening the flap slowly, Aaric went in. Sure enough Magic was gone. Her dresses were out and put neatly beside her cot. But where was her armor? Something was sticking out form under the bed. A sidesaddle. Aaric cursed. “Lenit! Come here! Send out the guards search the forest. Find the princess.”

Magic knew that they would eventually find her. She had to hide. She had to find Teri. Teri would know what to do.

“Teri! I’m back!” Magic yelled. She smiled as she saw the snout of the dragon. It was black instead of red, but Magic figured that it was just because of the shadows.

The Black Dragon smiled to himself. The girl thought he was his idiot brother, Teriano. What a surprise she would get. He licked his chops greedily.

Suddenly Myst reared nearly unseating Magic. “Myst what are you doing?” she cried.

‘That is not your dragon friend,” he said simply. He had turned and was running the other direction, back towards General Aaric’s camp.

Black Dragon growled angrily. He would have had her if her horse hadn’t been spooked. Actually, if she hadn’t had a good hold he would have had her. Now he had to find another hiding place. With his brother coming back and men searching for him, this place was no longer safe. And he was still hungry. What a wasted night.

Magic let Myst lead her. She was too frightened to care where he took her. What had that black dragon done to Teri? And why had he looked at her with that gleam in his eye?

Aaric was angry, concerned, and extremely uncompanionable. At least this is what Kani thought. As soon as she married him though, her troubles would be over and she wouldn’t need him any longer. She would have money, estates, a small kingdom. “General Aaric would meet with a fatal accident and the grieving widow would soon be rich.”

Kani said the last words outloud. She didn’t know that a certain General Aaric had been standing behind her listening. “So the grieving widow will be rich huh?” Aaric glared at her, and then, because that’s what they did in those times, he shot her. No one would ask questions about her because it wasn’t polite.

“Sir, I’ve found her!” yelled one of Aaric’s men.

“Where?” he yelled back.

“Asleep near her horse, sir” answered the lutinent that had found her.”

Aaric ran over to where the man was pointing. He nearly stumbled in his haste.

Magic awoke at the pressure on her arm. She found herself looking into Aaric’s eyes. He was frowning.

“Why did you run away Magic?”

“Because you tricked me,” she answered defiantly.

“Alright let me ask you an easier question. Why did you come back?”

“Th..there was a black dragon. I went to see my friend Teri, he’s a red dragon, and instead it was the…the…black dragon,” she was almost crying now. “Do you think Teri’s hurt, Aaric?”

Aaric sighed, not knowing what to tell her. “Do you know where this place is Magic?” At her nod, he gave orders to his men. They were going to wipe out the black dragon once and for all.

Magic shivered. They were at Teri’s cave. She was afraid of what they might find. She jumped as she saw a snout. But instead of black it was red. “Teri?” she questioned.

“Magic? What are you doing here?”

“Oh Teri, I thought you were dead,” she ran to hug him, and proceeded to tell him everything that had happened to her.

Teri smiled. Magic smiled back.

“Uh, I hate to break this up but we have company,” Aaric said. He had felt jealous when Magic threw her arms around that dragon.

Magic looked to the opening of the cave. Sure enough there was the Black Dragon, Magic shivered. All the men readied their weapons and fired. When the smoke cleared, the Black Dragon lay dead.

“Magic,” whispered a voice in her head. “I have to go now.”

And with that Myst disappeared. Magic was sad, but became happier as she thought Myst’s real owner, of how happy she would be to have him back.

Aaric looked around. The stallion was gone. He blinked a couple of times, but he still did not see the horse. He looked at Magic who smiled. He sighed it was over. Magic had to go back to her father.

Back at the palace where Magic lived a ball was given for her save return and in celebration of her wedding.

Aaric and Magic lived a happy life together. They visited Teri frequently with their four daughters and four sons. They never saw Myst again.

The End.


Who was a strange person at twelve...what does that make me now?

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