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For the past several months, I've been having some very strange, very vivid dreams.

In one, I woke up late for work and wound up having to help some scientist dude stop a nuclear explosion in Canada. I'm not sure what I was doing all the way up there, I was just there. Go figure.

In another, I pretended to be engaged to a man named Rupert who took me to England so that his family would give him a special flower. Squishy just so happened to be there, as a friend to that family, and I ended up slapping him which woke me up.

But the strangest dream I had was last night.

First, I was at Galveston Beach where I was kidnapped by pirates. I couldn't make out the captain's face, but he was funny--at least I'm assuming he was because I remember laughing a lot in the dream. Finally, I was able to see his face, and he turned out to be Squishy, but then he turned into Bruce Wayne (the Animated Series version) and was hunting me because he thought I had killed his parents


Who needs to get a life...
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