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Fic: Daydream (1/1) *Rating Adult*

Title: Daydream
Author: MurdocsAngel
Spoilers: Some for Intruder
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Sexual content between three characters
Pairings: Rodney/Liz/Radek
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or the setting...I doubt anyone would want me to
Summary: Just a smutty PWP

A/N: Um...well this is my first attempt at this, and it's probably not too good. However, it's something and it has McWeir. Sorta.

"All right gentlemen," Elizabeth said, tapping her forefinger against the edge of the laptop as she gazed at the three men standing before her, "what happened?"

There was a slight shuffling of feet, and they all refused to meet her gaze. "Well?" she asked, "Dr. Zelenka, why don't you start?"

The Czech lifted his head, a miserable expression on his face that made her heart give a little flutter--of sympathy of course--but she kept her expression stern.

After giving the dripping man next to him a nervous look, his tongue darted out of his mouth to moisten dry lips and he began, "McKay and I were..."

"Look, Elizabeth, we were just locked out on a balcony while it was raining," Rodney interrupted impatiently, "we weren't doing anything...wrong." Again, there was a nervous glance between them.

She raised an eyebrow and just looked at him.

Radek's face, already tinged pink, grew markedly brighter as his eyes looked everywhere but at her.

Rodney tilted his head, an expression of annoyance crossing his face, but he gave in. "Fine, we were having a romantic interlude, okay? Happy?"

Elizabeth blinked at them, unable to respond as Rodney's words penetrated her mind and something quite a bit more primal as her fertile imagination pictured the scene. Pictured the two of them kissing and touching and doing all sorts of naughty little things that made her breath hitch in her throat.

She licked her lips and forced herself to concentrate on the here and now, only it was a lot harder than she'd thought. Both of them were giving her pleading looks, asking her to understand, even though Rodney's was mixed with that mask of 'I really don't care what you think of me, since I am far above you' that he constantly wore, and it was playing havoc with her libido. Especially when Radek did the tongue thing again.

She subtly took a deep breath, pretending it was so she could speak, before saying, "Well, I'm sorry to have pressed you to explain. Your uh...personal lives are your business." But I so want to join you...

Something in her expression must have let on to her thoughts, because Rodney suddenly reached behind him and locked the door before closing the distance between them, a savage, hungry light in his eyes. Elizabeth opened her mouth and Rodney took advantage, gently sucking at her lower lips. She put her hands on his shoulders, intent on pushing him away, only she somehow ended up pulling him closer instead, so that they were pressed tight and she could feel the erection through their clothes, scarcely noticing the dampness of his.

Gentle fingers, contrasting with the roughness of Rodney's mouth on her own, brushed against the back of her neck, around the collar of her shirt and traced a line down her spine until they reached the hem. Rodney stepped away from her, and she moaned as her mouth was released, feeling bereft.

Rodney gave her a lopsided grin that set her heart to beating even faster as his fingers slipped beneath her shirt. He turned his head and Elizabeth blushed, having forgotten that Radek was also in the room.

The engineer's blue eyes smoldered, his full lips parted as he took shallow breaths, obviously turned on by watching them. As both pairs of eyes fell on him, he gave a small smile and was beside them in an instant, one hand going beneath Elizabeth's shirt, the other beneath McKay's, causing the man to gasp and jerk away, glaring.

"Cold," he complained.

"Deal with it," Radek countered, tugging on his shirt to pull him closer and kissing him.

Elizabeth sucked in her breath as she watched, incredibly turned on by the sight of two men doing that. Or maybe it was these particular two men, but she wasn't in the mood to psychoanalize her desire. She wanted to be touching and kissing too.

With one hand she carded her fingers through Rodney's hair and with the other traced their faces where their lips met. Rodney moaned and broke off the kiss, but Radek simply moved his lips to the other man's neck, kissing and sucking gently on the skin there.

Elizabeth decided that was an excellent idea and attacked Radek's neck in the same way, only improvised by raking her teeth across the sensitve area and licking it. A low growl escaped him, and he left off ravaging Rodney to push her against the desk. He deftly removed her shirt and bra before his hands came up to fondle her breasts.

"So lovely," he murmured in awe, before leaning down to suckle on them.

"Elizabeth," Rodney moaned, his hand lightly touching her shoulder. Then his touch grew heavier, and his voice took on an insistence, "Elizabeth."

Abruptly the daydream dissolved and she blinked as Rodney, Radek and Kavanagh came back into focus. Her cheeks heated with color.

"Well don't let it happen again," she said, feeling more than a little flustered, and hoping that what she thought she heard--something about they had got into some kind of fight that ended with the three of them locked out on a balcony in the rain--was right, "I'm disappointed that you'd let some childish disagreement place the three of you in danger. Now, get back to work."

Kavanagh sneered at her, while still managing to look slightly sheepish, and immediately turned to walk out. Radek hesitated a moment, giving her an absolutely miserable look, upset that he had failed her, but followed the other scientist. Rodney however, folded his arms and gave her a petulant pout.

"Really Elizabeth, it wasn't..."

"I don't want to hear it," she told him, wanting him to leave, needing to be away from that penetrating stare. God what a time to have such a dream.

"Fine." He turned and walked out, tossing over his shoulder, "But just so you know, Kavanagh started it."

She smiled in spite of herself, glad he couldn't see, then sat down at her desk, letting her breath out slowly. She had been having dreams like this since coming back from Earth, since finding out that Simon had indeed moved on.

Maybe it meant that she needed to move on herself, to forget. Or maybe, she just needed something that she hadn't realized until she was free of obligation.



Who is now completely corrupted *hides face in hands*
Tags: fanfic, mckay/weir, weir/zelenka

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