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A story piece...

This is an original fiction bit that I'm planning on using in a longer story, only I have no idea what I was writing about when I wrote this, lol. So, if anyone could give me some ideas, it'd be great.

Early morning sunlight filtered in through the unshuttered window of the hotel room as David stared unblinkingly out at the parking lot, bathing him in its warmth and belying the fact that it was mid October.

They had been here last night; though he could discern nothing physical, nothing that could be proven in a court of law or even spoken of seriously except in a seance, he still knew they had been. A certain chill to the air that couldn't be blamed on the unseasonal warmth, a tingling sensation in his stomach, among other sensual evdience, proved beyond a doubt that they had followed him, or at least that they had a fair idea of where he was at.

He turned away from the window, giving up on using his observational skills to find his adversaries. They wouldn't be stupid enough to leave a physical trail, and the only reason he was able to detect them now was because they wanted him to.

A shiver coursed through him, and he angrily berated himself for it.