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Fic: Dragon Wings (1/?)

Title: Dragon Wings
Author: MurdocsAngel
Rating: Teen (for now)
Pairing: Teyla/Rodney
Disclaimer: I do not own SGA or American Dragon: Jake Long
Summary: Teyla and Rodney have to rescue Ronon and Sheppard...only
Rodney's having a few...problems.

A/N: This is a crossover!

Teyla watched the man sitting across from her, a mixture of concern and wariness on her features. They were in the middle of a dense tropical jungle, and the oppressive heat had sweat running down her back, causing it to itch, though she ignored it.

“Rodney,” she said softly and reached out to touch his shoulder, only to stop as her fingers brushed against the material of his shirt. She couldn’t help remembering what he had done, just a few moments ago.

Rodney looked up at her, several emotions crossing his face, so many that Teyla couldn’t quite tell what they were. “I…I’m sorry,” he said, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t…I didn’t know that would happen. I mean… I knew it could happen, because my sister does it all the time. I mean…”

Teyla pulled her hand back and stared at him, a feeling of revulsion and anger washing over her. “You have always known that you…can do this?”

“No! Well yes,” he said, speaking quickly as he tried to explain, “see, I didn’t know that I actually had this ability. I mean, they kept telling me I did, that if I’d just relax and try it, it’d come to me. Only I didn’t really believe that I could because, come on, who believes in magic, right?”

His blue eyes burned into hers, willing her to understand what he was saying. However, his explanation only served to further throw her into confusion.

“Okay here’s the thing,” he continued when she didn’t respond, “On Earth there is a separate community of beings that aren’t human, though they can disguise themselves as human and even mate with humans because of some weird rule that I’ve never been able to understand. One group of these beings charged themselves with the protection of all the others, both from humans and those beings that would cause the community harm.”

The whole time he spoke, his hands moved, punctuating his words, and now they spread apart in a shrug. “I am one of those beings. See, my grandmother was assigned to protect Ireland, until she met my grandfather and the next generation was trained to take over. She moved to Canada with him, and had my father who had no magical abilities whatsoever and who married my mother and had me, then ten years later had my baby sister.

“See, it sometimes skips a generation when humans are brought in. Well, I was supposed to be the first Canadian Dragon, and was sent to New York where a Dragon master would train me. Only, I was too busy with studying science and absolutely refused to believe I had this…this…disease. It wasn’t really a disease but at the time I thought it was and didn’t want to have any part in…”

“Dr. McKay,” Teyla admonished impatiently when it looked as if he were going to go off on a tangent.

This was most interesting to hear, and Teyla found herself leaning forward in spite of herself as he spoke.

“Right, sorry.” He cleared his throat and looking off to the side, as though uncomfortable with her scrutiny, “anyway, Lao Shi, the Dragon master, sent me back home and called for my sister who proudly showed off her heritage and abilities. By this time my parents had got divorced—my mother was just a tad bit upset to find out her children were lizard people—and I was fed up with everything.

“I went to college and forgot all about the magical world. Mostly.” He gave her a sardonic grin, “And then, today when we were attacked…I transformed. I don’t even know how I did, it just happened.”

Teyla sat back and turned her head to stare into the dense foliage, trying to calm her racing thoughts. Then she turned back to him. “I always knew you were a coward, Dr. McKay.”

Rodney’s eyes widened and he stared at her, then his brows drew together in angry annoyance. “What the hell does that mean?”

“You had a gift, a responsibility, and you shirked it because you were afraid.”

His mouth opened and closed, for once at a loss for words. Then he shot back, “Yes, I had a gift. It was my intelligence, and I use it everyday to save Atlantis…”

“Yes, you have saved Atlantis and our lives many times, but perhaps with your ability you could fight the Wraith!” She was shouting now, her anger boiling to the surface, “You hide behind your so called intelligence and lack of physical ability because you do not want to accept responsibility!”

“That…that’s just…stupid!” Rodney sputtered. “Look, I couldn’t transform, okay! I tried! I wanted to! I did everything Lao Shi asked me too and it didn’t work, I couldn’t!” His voice grew a little quieter as he reiterated, “I couldn’t. Just like I couldn’t play piano. Science, physics…it’s all I can do.”

She stared at him, anger fading as suddenly as it had surfaced.

“But you did transform,” she said gently, “even if it was only for a few moments.”

“Yeah well, trust me. It was a one time thing.” Rodney laughed in a self-deprecating manner.

“You must try,” Teyla insisted, “We may be able to use this ability of yours to rescue the Colonel and Ronon.”

He shook his head in denial, then sighed. “Fine. I’ll try, but I’m telling you, it won’t work.”

He closed his eyes and screwed his face up in concentration. Then he visibly relaxed and there was a burst of crimson light and in Rodney’s place was a large reptilian creature. It was dark blue, except for its underbelly which was a lighter shade of blue, and its claws which were ebony. Two large wings furled and unfurled in a nervous manner behind it.

“See,?” it said in Rodney’s voice, “I told you…” he blinked. “It worked!”

“You can speak?” Teyla asked.

“Yes of course I can speak,” he snapped in irritation, “Just because I’m now a large blue lizard doesn’t mean I’m not still me.”

A wry smile curved her lips. “So I have noticed.”

“So, what’s your plan?” He asked, just as with a pop he transformed back to his human form. “Okay I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

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