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This is an original drabblish thing that I just came up with. I have no idea where it came from.

The Letter

I loved you once, for a very brief time. You were so handsome, so worldly, so different from anyone I had ever known. You broke past the barriers I had erected, to keep people out, strode right through them as if they were mere wisps of smoke. You made me feel special, loved.

You didn’t give me diamonds or pearls, nor flowers. Just your attention, complete and undivided. You listened to what I had to say. Somehow you knew that that was all I needed, to be heard out.

But you had an agenda. You needed me. To dominate. To humiliate. To be your obedient servent.

It worked at first, because I needed you too. Needed to be loved, cherished, honored. Even a twisted sick version of those ideals was enough to sustain a broken soul who had never had any of it.

But I don’t love you any longer.

You shouldn’t have killed her.

I was yours and would have been for the rest of my life.

You shouldn’t have killed her.

I would give my life to you a thousand times over, let you beat me, hurt me do whatever you wanted to me, but she was sacred. She was the one good thing we did.

Your actions opened my eyes, made me see that I had transferred from one prison to another.

You shouldn’t have killed her.

You’d still be alive today.

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