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The finger thing is contagious...

Not five minutes ago, I was talking to my mom about food because there was this commercial where a dad fed his kids Healthy Choice dinners.

Anyway, I said something to the effect of "kids aren't going to eat that kind of stuff" and my mom responded with "If they were raised on it they will," so I countered with "but just look at Gavyn. Jaqi's been feeding him healthy stuff since he was little, and he's still picky...would rather have sweet stuff."

She conceded, and, my mind came up with a theory for this phenomenon: "Maybe the reason kids want sugary stuff is because their bodies need it. They need more carbohydrates because they're expending more energy."

And the whole time I was expounding on this little idea, my finger was waving through the air.

I blame Rodney McKay and Radek Zelenka.


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