murdocsangel (murdocsangel) wrote,

My feet hurt...

Well, so far I've worked two full weeks for Wal-Mart, and my feet are killing me. I don't know how I'm going to do Cashier work, considering I'll be standing in one spot for long periods of time. Right now, before my store opens, I'm stocking. It's not fun, stocking. I thought it might be, but it's not. It's tedious and boring. As opposed to tedious and fun. Which isn't so far off as you might think.

For instance, uploading the many icons I made in a couple of hours on the second day of no internet service will be quite tedious...but fun at the same time.

Trying to figure out where merchandise fits on a shelf...tedious and horribly horribly not fun.

Anyway, I totally forgot about the McKayWeir ficathon, so I'm going to have to dreg through my e-mails so I can find my challenge and get to writing. I also just signed up for NaNo. Can you say "M.A. is stupid?" All together now..."M.A. is stupid."

After three weeks of not being online, I'm suddenly feeling extremely overwhelmed. All my plans are going down the drain. I can't get DSL because it gets billed to your phone, and I don't pay my phone. I pay other things. Cable is WAY too high. I mean...on top of a monthly charge, I'd have to rent a modem (cause purchasing one of my own is too expensive...even though I'm now working) and who knows what else.

If anyone knows any kind of service that's not dial up that I might be able to use, please please please let me know.

Now, I'm off to bed. At ten p.m. That's what working does to you. Don't know what I'm gonna do when I get weird shifts like overnight or something...


Who has lots more to say but can't get it all out...fingers sore from trying to take reluctant merchandise out of their shipping boxes.

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