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The world is coming to an end!

Eh, not really, I just thought it'd be fun to say that. I actually did that one day at a store. I was getting annoyed with the dude who was checking me out, because he was deliberately making the scanner dealy not work. Anyway, after ten minutes of him rescanning each and everyone of the thirty or so items I had (I guess it was because it was late at night and there was just me there) I was fed up. However, I dislike conflict, so I came up with another way of getting him to get a move on.

I took a deep breath, sighing sadly and looking towards the door. Then I looked back at him. "It's such a shame," I said, shaking my head.

He gave me a startled look because I hadn't said anything--since I'm shy, I usually just stand there and smile inanely. "Uh, what's a shame?" he asked, in that tone of voice that said he really didn't know but was going to be polite to the customer in an attempt to prove that he wasn't being a nuisance on purpose.

"Oh just that I'm going to spend my last moments standing around in a grocery store," I said nonchalantly, shaking my head again.

"You're dying?" Now he seemed more interested in what I had to say, and I had to try very hard not to snigger.

"We all are," I assured him seriously, "In about twenty minutes."


"Oh yes, the world is going to end in twenty minutes. Did you know that?"

Apparently he decided it was not a good idea to mess with a crazy fat chick and magically the scanner began working, and I got checked out quite fast.

The really funny thing is, when I go to that store now, if I'm in his line, it's the fastest one...


Who loves doing things like that and wishes she had more bravado to do in other areas of her life...
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