July 26th, 2005

I hate mornings...

And yet, I can never sleep later than 7:30, no matter what time I go to bed the night before. I can go back to sleep after I've woken, but once interrupted, I never feel as if I've had enough sleep.

Plus, I know I'm going to have to get dressed in an icky hot suit just to go job searching this morning (because my mother thinks that wasting gas when I've got a computer connection to make job searching easier will get me a job that much faster), and I'm really not into it.

In other news, I've made some more icons. Unfortunately, I can't upload them to photobucket for some reason :( Every time I go to that site, AOL flips out on me. However, I did get to upload one of my Zelenka icons *points to icon* Ain't he so cute? And squishy....


Who is going to--reluctantly--take a shower and get dressed.

The Lost Magic---written when I was like...twelve

Okay, so I found this paper journal I had when I was twelve, and found this completed story I had written inside. I read it and...whoa...Anyway, I'm just posting it for my own benefit, but I'd like to hear comments on it as well, if you've got any.

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Who was a strange person at twelve...what does that make me now?