August 15th, 2005

Things to do when I get a job and have money

1. Get a paid LJ account :)
2. Get my own domain name
3. Buy a gamecube, PS2, NDS, gameboy SP, xbox and games to go with all of them
4. Move to Canada or at least away from where I'm at now
5. If I can't do number 4, then take a very long vacation to Europe
6. Get cable internet
7. Get all the movie stations
8. Go to a really fancy restaraunt, then leave because the food actually sucks at those places and continue going to the nice All you can eat buffets cause they're cheaper and have better food.
9. Get Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis on DVD
10. Buy a better computer
11. Get graphics programs to go along with said better computer

And that's all I can think up right now. When this fictional thing actually happens, I'll probably find more to add :)


Who is a bit ticked off at the way people say they're gonna call and then never do and when you call back to follow up, they get all mad and say 'they're really busy and please don't call us we'll call you'. Ha!

A story piece...

This is an original fiction bit that I'm planning on using in a longer story, only I have no idea what I was writing about when I wrote this, lol. So, if anyone could give me some ideas, it'd be great.

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