March 10th, 2006

How do you know when you've played a game too much?

The answer, quite simply, is when you hear the music in your head, even when other songs are playing on the radio. When you close your eyes, and there the little beasties are, with their furry little faces, weird tops and funny little sounds they make when talking. Because this game doesn't have voice actors. Oh no, it's this chipmunk thing talking, and while it's cute, it gets annoying after four hours of straight game play.

Then there's the thieving racoon. Tom Nook. Evil little fellow. Greedy too. However, he's not so bad as the fox. Crazy Redd'll sell you counterfeit paintings, and laugh about it later. Good thing I bought that insurance from the shady insurance salesman. The same shady insurance salesman who makes you pay.

I think I'm going to play Nintendogs for a while. Then again, maybe not. That game gets super boring after a while. It's not as addictive as Animal Crossing. I do have Harvest Moon though...that one's okay, even if there's not enough hours in the day...

May 1st, 2006

Today I arrived in my new town of Dalville. It's a peacefull, quiet sort of village--just what I've been looking for after these past hectic, stressful months.

Annie got married, and has moved off on her own, so I felt like I should too. Not necessarily get married, but definitely move off on my own. I've been looking for a job for over a month now, and it was just providence that I found that advertisement a Tom Nook from Dalville about a house--a free house.

I called the number listed, and lo and behold, I was on my way two days later.

Mom and Dad were a little bit broken up, and Mom said she was going to write me every day, but I knew that this was the right thing. Mr. Nook even said my house was close to a white sandy beach, full of prime fishing spots. We used to have a vacation house in a place called Animal Crossing when I was just a kid, and I remember playing by the water's edge. I don't remember much else, but the thoughts of it filled my mind at the time, and a peaceful feeling settled over me.

The cab ride here was somewhat uneventful, except for the nosy cabdriver named Kapp'n. He used to be a sailer, but he lost his boat in a poker game with a shady fox.

I suppose hearing about a fox should have startled me, but seeing as my cabbie was a snapping turtle, it didn't shock me nearly as much as when I opened to door to see the driver.

Anyway, after having to answer several questions--and being embarrassed over having no money, when my mom had already paid the man!--we finally arrived at the town hall of Dalville. Kapp'n drove off, and I went into the building as per Mr. Nook's instructions.

A young pelican named Pelly was waiting for me at the window, and at first she seemed a little confused as to what was going on. However, as soon as I told her I was moving in, she remembered and gave me a map of the town, with my house marked on it in big blue letters. There were three other houses on the map, as well as some other buildings that I was going to be certain to explore later.

My house was, to be honest, way too small. Even from the outside. Still, there was brick paving in front of it, and a small picket fence, keeping it private. And it looked lovely with its little blue roof. Inside was a different story. It had a wooden floor, and walls that were...well they weren't very nice anyway. For furniture there was a cardboard box with a candle on top of it and a tape deck in the opposite corner. Ah well, I suppose that's what you get when you go for 'free'.

Of course, I was to find out very soon that the 'free' wasn't exactly as advertised.

As I exited the domicile, a brown racoon wearing a blue apron with a partially eaten leave printed on it walked up to me. He turned out to be Tom Nook, the 'man' who had placed the advert.

He laughs entirely too much. And scares me. Greatly.

Anyway, I now have to pay off 18,400 bells. It was 19,800, but I worked for about an hour for Nook, delivering furniture, planting a garden, and writing advertisements for his store. And he took a measly 1,400 off the mortgage.

Anyway, I found that I could very quickly make money by picking the oranges from the many trees, and by scooping up the shells that line the beach. Not much for just one, but all together, as much as I can fit in my pockets, it can add up to quite a bit of money. Tedius as all get out, but, hey, I've got to get my morgage paid of somehow, right? Plus, I've got to get some more furniture for the place, even as small as it is.

The people of Dalville are okay. There's a frog named Camofrog who's a bit of a grouch, but he's older, and my Dad sometimes acts the same way, so I guess I can excuse his gruffness. Besides, he gave me a rug after I delivered his new rug to him, so he can't be all that bad.

Pudge, a bear, is a sweet thing. He's very kind and happy all the time. Savannah, a zebra, is nice enough, but a bit of a ditz. Still, it could be worse. Like the neighbors back home who would pull a gun on anyone who even looked at their house.

So, it's been a very busy day, ever since five this morning when I got in the cab. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

Oh yeah! Furniture, just like at home, can be compacted to fit in your pockets. I was never so relieved as to find that out. It'd be hard to move it otherwise.

I'll write again tomorrow.