April 24th, 2006

Just a brief hello..

Okay, not so brief. Mostly I just wanted to write something, had a chance to get online and decided, what the heck?

I got into Vegas around 2 pm PST last Tuesday, and have put in one job application. Mostly because I have absolutely no clue where everything is, and I'm somewhat reluctant to ride the bus. Thursday I did ride the bus though! To Wal-Mart to pick up a prepaid cell phone. Yeah. I'm a real risk taker ain't I?

There are no groceries here, as neither I nor my friend like to cook--with five dollar steak dinners, who needs to?--so, I think I'm going to order pizza in a little while. It's the same price as everywhere else, but my friend's at work and I'm still reluctant to get on the bus. There is a grocery store in walking distance, only it's rush hour and I am not crossing the street here, even though where I'm at is nowhere near as bad as elsewhere in the valley, like say, the Strip.

The place I'm staying at isn't so nice...kinda falling apart really...but hey, it's a place to stay until I get on my feet, and I don't have my mother breathing down my neck every second.

Actually, I think the one place I applied to has been trying to call. The home phone here though, doesn't seem to like being answered. Making calls is just fine, but it won't connect outside calls. I sent an e-mail to the company, updating my contact info with my new cell, so hopefully they haven't given up on me. I'd really like to work for them. Okay, not really, but it would be better than anything offered in Texas.

Last Friday I went to the Hoover Dam. We drove past it on the way in, but it was a little difficult to get the scope of it from the car. I couldn't get enough. I got so silent taking it all in, that my friend asked if I was scared. I wasn't, just overwhelmed. Anyway, when he asked what I wanted to do, I said I wanted to take a closer look, and I did. Bought a disposable camera and took pictures of...well pretty much the water. At one point, I was intrigued by the way things looked at different angles, and took like fifteen shots on one side of the dam. Then, on the otherside, I got some shots of where the water level should be and where it's at. Then, I got a picture of the Arizona intake thingie and a plaque saying something about it being one of America's top engineering thingies. The last few pictures left on the camera were for a ferry boat I caught sight of in the distance, coming in from Lake Mead. I don't think they'll come out, because even though I could see it clearly, it was blurry and ill defined through the camera lense.

When I decide to get them developed, I'll see about getting them put on a CD so I can post them here, depending on the quality.

Finally, I realized something on the eighteen hour trip up here. I would love to take a cross country tour, as long as I'm not the one doing the driving. The scenery is breathtaking, and we didn't even take the scenic route.

Now, all I've got to do is get over my irrational fear of missing the street I need to get off on, and life will be perfect.

I'll try to catch up with my flist later.