murdocsangel (murdocsangel) wrote,

Oh dear..

I had to go shopping today, so I wasn't able to do any writing. But that's not the part that sucks (after all, I am procrastinating), no, the part that sucks is that we just had to go today to get all of our Christmas (or at least most of it done) and what happened? We didn't buy anything. At all.

The stores were extremely crowded (which I told my grandmother and mother would happen considering it's a Saturday) and they were sold out of the things they wanted to get. I could have got something, and saw several things that I wanted to get my adorable little Gavyn, but no, I wasn't allowed to.

It's my money. And we spent all day out (part of which we sat at Grandma's apartment, chatting about how the world today is a horrible evil mess of things) for nothing. Nothing. We came back empty handed.

Oh well, my car should be fixed soon, meaning I can drive myself instead of depending on everyone else and oweing tons of gas money.

I'm tempted to go back to the NaNo forums to attempt to join in some conversations, but I'm still a bit shy. It takes me forever to get involved with a group, and even when I do, I still mostly lurk.

Which is why I don't comment on my friends' lj's, not because I don't want to, but because I generally can't think of anything worth saying.

Anyway, I'm going to see if I can run everyone off so that I can write tonight.


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