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Prologue to a story...

All right, I don't really have anything planned for this story...I was just writing last night to see what I could come up with. Comments and suggestions definitely welcome...

Disclaimer: SGA does not belong to me, though I wish Radek did…
Summary: The past doesn’t matter, right? Wrong…

Archive: Whoever wants it…
Pairing: McWeir possibly, if any at all…
Rating: PG-13 for now, may change to R later
Warning: This is an MA fic. As such, it may not make much sense…

Past Matters

A brilliant display of red and gold, mixed with a lovely pinkish-purple color, painted the sky as a clear sign of the setting sun. A few fluffy white clouds took on the hues, making it a picture worthy of painting, if he’d been any sort of artist. He gave a wistful sigh as he returned his gaze to the glass-like surface of the ritual pool, staring at his reflection. He certainly didn’t look like one of the fancy village artisans after a two-week hunting party, with a scruffy beard and his hair falling out of the leather thong that was meant to keep it out of his face.

Times like these served to remind him that he had no memories of the time before Jolia had found him half-dead on the shores of the Great River. It was like grasping at a fish with bare hands, knowing that it was there, but unable to keep a hold of it long enough to do anything with it. Shaking his head, he rose to his feet, determined to ignore the impulse this time. Tomorrow he would become a true Acacian with the Ritual of Life, usually performed at a villager’s fifteenth year. While he had no past, he did have a future, and it was with these people.


The soft, yet thready voice made him smile and he turned to face the elderly woman who had spoken. Jolia was well into her eightieth year, and yet she carried herself with the dignity and pride of a much younger woman. She was smiling at him in an amused, yet exasperated manner.

“Child, you should be inside celebrating the wealth you and the others have brought to the village,” she admonished, “And yet here you are, still unwashed and unshaven.” Her brown robes rustled as she lifted her finger and wagged it at him. “You are net yet Acacian and I can still send you to the shaft for such indecent behavior.”

He gasped in mock horror, and began hurriedly bowing and professing his apologies at his offense, before grinning impudently at her loud huff of annoyance. “I’ll just go inside and wash up now,” he told her, slipping quickly past her—though not fast enough to escape the light slap to his arm—and inside the simple, yet elegant Common House, where the communal baths and other toiletries were held.

Several minutes later, he let out a contented sigh, feeling much better now that he was clean and presentable for a small celebratory feast. Acus, the name Jolia had given him upon finding out he had none, walked swiftly towards the dining hall, anticipation of the delectable dishes the village cooks would no doubt have prepared for the returning hunters making his mouth water and his stomach rumble.

“Acus!” A tall, slender man with bright red hair walked over to him and smacked him on the back, “I was just telling the ladies of your prowess…with a bow,” he added, winking slightly, which made the three girls he had been speaking with giggle and whisper behind their hands.

Acus rolled his eyes and nudged the red head in the ribs, flushing slightly. It was the banter of an adult male with an adolescent who had just passed the final tests for adulthood, and while it had been amusing for the first five minutes of the journey home…”Kona,” he greeted, “I know your own prowess—with a bow—leaves something to be desired, but do you have to live vicariously through mine?”

This caused the three girls to once again fall to giggling, as Kona snorted and slapped him on the back again. “I keep forgetting that sharp tongue of yours, Acus. I think you’ve been hanging around the old biddy too much…oh hello Jolia, my how lovely you’re looking today…”

Acus’ grin grew wider as Jolia arched an eyebrow at Kona. “It’s a good thing Acus will officially become one of us on the ‘morrow,” she stated dryly, “or else I’d be worried about the future of Acacia.” Her glance and words encompassed the giggling trio, who immediately stopped and quailed beneath it. “Now, let us sit and enjoy this meal without the idiocy, shall we?”

Her words sparked a flurry of activity, and those who had been standing and chatting grabbed a seat and waited to be served. Acus took his own seat, as far from the trio as he could get, and gave a sigh of contentment. It did not matter that he had no past when his future was looking so bright, nor did it matter the strange dreams he had of a city floating on water and people who he thought he should know.

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