murdocsangel (murdocsangel) wrote,

Six Flags is out for blood...

...or at least your life savings.

It cost seven bucks for a measly quarter pound cheeseburger, seven! And, a medium drink is three and a quarter! I bought one of their sports quarts-only it isn't a quart-and it cost eight bucks, but refills are ninety-nine cents, which isn't so bad.

Well, I really shouldn't complain, seeing as I had a free ticket to get in the park (otherwise, I'd have had to pay forty-one dollars), so it wasn't like I was completely out of money.

And they did have some cool haunted houses this year. I ran into a wall in one of them. Stupid strobe lights in a white room. I wasn't scared, although this one puppet startled me. I wasn't expecting it to come all the way over the end of the bed it was on, and I jumped. Mostly I just laughed, because I could barely see.

Between the laughing and the artificial fog, I had a bit of trouble breathing. All in all a fun time.

I just wish they weren't so expensive on their stuff. The only souveneir I got was the sports quart.


Who hasn't been to Six Flags in six years...whoa...weird...

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