murdocsangel (murdocsangel) wrote,

Drabble: OMG! (sequel to WTF?)

Author: MurdocsAngel
Title: OMG!

Rumor is powerful. So powerful in fact, that news of Rodney walking in on Elizabeth in an awkward moment, had spread within a matter of minutes of the event actually happening.

Along with the usual non-thruths and exagerations.

One of the more popular stories, was that the upstanding Dr. Elizabeth Weir had brought a rather intimate personal item, and Rodny had interrupted her using said item. (This was begun by Kavanaugh, and even though most took what he said with a grain of salt, the image of this happening held more weight than knowing he disliked the woman).

Yet another popular idea, was that McKay had actually proposed, and had been turned down, hence the reason he ran out so quickly after going in.

The truth, it turned out, was that Dr. Weir had been shaving her legs in her office because her bathroom was not working, and she actually had more privacy there.

The End.
Tags: fanfic

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