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I've got DSL!
I've got DSL!
I've got DSL!

Which doesn't mean I'll update any more than I do, but...

I've got DSL!

Okay, now on to other things. I finally saw Batman Begins last night. Wow. I have always loved Batman--pretty much the only DC hero I would call myself a diehard fan of--and so I watched all the movies and cartoon series and whatever else at least once, even if I turned the tv off-put the comic down-in disgust (like anything to do with the Justice league)

This movie is sooo much better than all of them put together, even though for a supposed prequel, it got quite a few details wrong. I think it'd be better as a set up for future movies. After all since Jack Napier was the one who killed Bruce's parents in the first Batman movie, it can't be the same universe. Unless of course that 'Chill' guy came back from the dead and changed his name to Jack Napier who then became the Joker--but I don't think so.

Another problem with it being a prequel is the fact that Gordon was only a lieutenant at the end of Batman Begins, but was a commissioner in the first movie. There are several other tiny little details that just don't fit, but that I can't coherently articulate, so I'll just leave off here saying they should do some more Batman movies with Christian Bale for this particular univirse.

Did I mention that I loved this movie? Because I did.

Happy Halloween!


Who has DSL, in case you missed it the first four times.