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Do you know what's so frustrating that you want to tear your hair out by its roots, gnash your teeth together until bits of them fall off from the pressure, dig your fingernails into the palms of your hands and draw blood?

Sitting in the car, or at a restaurant table, with no one else to talk to and coming up with brilliant scene after brilliant scene--and even if you had the presence of mind to take a notebook and pencil and had written down many of the details, once you get home...nothing. It's as if what you had created were nothing more than piddly daydreams that disappear like vapor rising into the air and floating away into nothingness.

That's how I felt today.

I had an idea to write about a young woman involved in an accident, and getting sent to a mythical place--sorta like Wizard of Oz or Labyrinth--a dreamscape, a place that only exists in the imagination, only real to the person who visits.

This was also to be something of a murder mystery--with things going on in the 'real' world that somehow are connected to my mythical world.

It could be a wonderful story if I could just write it.

I'd appreciate any thoughts or questions. Maybe, if asked the right ones, I'd be able to flesh out my characters and world a little more, and that'd help.
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