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Okay my entry titles are now going to be pointless in the extreme, since I really don't know what I'm going to say before I say it.


I'm sitting at a desk at my job
Waiting for something to happen
I've dialed phones and twisted knobs
I've even thrown away my trash-can


My eyes keep falling shut
My feet keep tapping to an unseen beat
My co-workers think I'm a nut
Since I keep going on about the Nutcracker Suite!


I'm sitting at a desk at my job
While my imagination runs wild
It's much like an angry mob
Or even the tantrums of a child!


There's a feral beast on the prowl
Waiting to feast on the unsuspecting
Nobody knows as I do, that the owl
In its choice is highly unselecting


They'll just sit there and coo
Over the wisdom of the bird
While they really have no clue
That they're its next hors'd'oeurve!
~written by Mary Christmas

Heh, she wrote like two years ago, but I just now found it again. Her motto after writing it was "It's not the oysters, it's the owls!"

If you know your Sherlock Holmes, you'll understand that quote. :)


Who wishes she could write funny poems...