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Fic: Murphy's Law (1/1)

Title: Murphy’s Law
Author: MurdocsAngel
Rating: K
Pairing: If there is one, it’s a surprise to me too…
Season: Um…2?
Spoilers: Might not be any, but just in case…you probably should have seen S2 before reading this…

Disclaimer: I do not own anything SGA. I don’t own the squirrels either. They’re David Nykl’s.
Summary: Oh you know, just another M.A. fic…What, you really want a summary? Okay okay…”It all started with the squirrels.”

Murphy’s Law

It all started with the squirrels.

Radek had always considered the rodents to be cute, yet harmless; he’d never understood why people went to such lengths to get rid of them. Which is why, when Dr. Kavnaugh had brought back a smallish creature from the mainland that looked quite bit like its earth equivalent, he had thought nothing more of it.

After a day, the tiny, fat little thing had become something of a mascot to the scientists, which made Kavanaugh something of a hero for having brought it. This was a good thing to Radek’s way of thinking, as it made the man a little easier to work with, even if it made it a lot harder to work with Rodney.

McKay didn’t like the thing—hadn’t as soon as he’d set eyes on it. “My cat’s killed bigger mice,” he had said, derisively, though it was obvious to Radek that the man was simply afraid of it and didn’t want anyone to know it.

So, in spite of McKay’s protests (he’d even gone to Weir about it, but she’d thought the little thing was cute), Squirrelly got to stay in the labs.

Squirrelly wasn’t its official name at first, but everyone decided it was much better than calling it Mister Big Stuff. Kavanaugh, after a slight tantrum, had also agreed on it. So, Squirrelly was christened, and life was made just a little bit better for a day or so.

Of course, when you live in another galaxy than the one you were born in, life doesn’t stay the same, for better or for worse.

At first, no one noticed anything different. Then, while attempting to reroute a power supply, Radek found that his laptop had been gutted, completely taken apart, no parts left in it whatsoever. He frowned slightly, trying to understand why someone would have done such a thing.
Certainly there was an abundance of pranks, but none were ever malicious or designed in such a way that could compromise everyone’s lives, as this could.

Intent upon finding the culprit, Radek traced his steps back to the lab where he’d last left the computer. Nothing out of the ordinary there. He frowned, befuddled, and was about to leave when he heard it. A strange scratching noise and the sound of children laughing and playing.

Tilting his head to the side, he followed the sounds until he came upon the source, and had to take his glasses off to clean them on his shirt before looking again.

Inside a small hollowed out section of the wall, there were about a hundred of the squirrels all standing around, talking and laughing and haggling over the price of several pieces of equipment.

Radek made a small sound in the back of his throat, which got the creatures’ attention. As one, they turned to him.

“Dr. Zelenka, it’s time to wake up now…you’re drooling on the equipment…”

Radek blinked rapidly, started to reply, then opened his eyes, realizing he had been dreaming.

“Hmph, I told you that wasn’t safe,” Kavanaugh was muttering to Dr. Simpson, “but none of you ever listen to me.”

“Well,” Jamie murmured in her defense, “we didn’t know it would cause that reaction. And Dr. Zelenka gave the go ahead.”

Feverishly, Radek tried to remember what had happened…and was distracted by a small creature climbing up onto the Ancient technology, waving a small fist at him.

Radek bolted up from his bed, heart beating rapidly, breathing hard. That was the last time he ate the Pegasus equivalent of a peanut…

The End.


Who needs to figure out how she used to write…*sighs wistfully*
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