murdocsangel (murdocsangel) wrote,

More on squirrels

I thought that after writing that little fic the squirrels would leave me alone. How wrong I was.

I had this dream where David Nykl was in my house with a sugar glider (what some people call flying squirrels). For some reason he was visiting my sister, and wanted me to watch it for him, so it'd be safe. Anyway, it climbed down my shirt and he was trying to get it out...and this person with a video camera came in and assumed things. David replied with "No no, I'm just trying to save her from my squirrel." And then I woke up because this dog had got in our house and was knocking over trashcans.

It was apparently hilarious, because I was laughing in the dream (both from embarassment and actual humor at the situation) and was still laughing when I woke up.


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