murdocsangel (murdocsangel) wrote,

My first GIMP Icon Tutorial...

We're going to be making this icon: Image hosted by

I started off with this picture:

Image hosted by

It was from a larger screen cap found at that I cropped down to 300x300 (this will make it easier to scale the image later).

Next, I went to filters>>enhance>>sharpen and sharpened the image. Use your own judgement on this one.

After that I duplicated the base layer.

With the duplicated layer selected, I went to filters>>map>>map object. The Map to Object dialogue pops up. In the dialogue, under the options tab set the Map to button to sphere, and check the transparent background check box.

Now, in the preview window, you see a pretty nice round sphere, which is good, but what I wanted is to have their faces showing. So, I went to the Orientation tab, and set the Rotation values to X=45 Y=45 Z=30 which gave me this:

Image hosted by

The image we now have is this:

Image hosted by

I could have changed the position the sphere would be in, in the orientation tab, but I prefer to just move the whole layer, so that I have this:

Image hosted by

Now, I right click on the layers dialogue and flatten the image. Then, I go to Image>>Scale Image and scale it to 100x100.

Image hosted by

Next, I put the text, Reflection, in white 12 pt font and move it to where I want it.

Image hosted by

That looked nice, but didn't seem quite finished. So I added a couple of things. First, I made a new layer that was 40x15, filled it with #6a717c, then moved it so that it covered the text.

Image hosted by

Set the mode to hard light, giving me this:

Image hosted by

And finally, I made another new layer, this one 5x100, filled it with the same color as the one above the text.

Image hosted by

Set that layer to screen, and voila! The finished icon...

Image hosted by

And that's the end of my first tutorial...please tell me how I did.


Who is suprised she actually did one...

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