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I've gone and joined a Pern PBeM, Arolos Weyr, and am now just waiting on approval for my characters.

At first, I just had the one, and it took me a while to come up with something that I knew I could play regularly, and a character I'd have fun developing. Then, last night, I sat down and wrote out another character. It was...like someone else was telling me what to write and reminded me of writing such fics as "Of Chocolate and Edible Boxers".

I have a feeling I'll be playing the second character more often than the first(if they get approved, that is).

In other news, I hate trying to write while my mom is watching television. She always watches shows that don't have background music, and so the talking really throws off my concentration. I had several other things I was going to say here, but now I can't figure out what.

Oh well, I can always put it in another entry or edit this one.