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On what? Nothing in particular. I just felt like writing an entry.

I started on my SGA-DROP xover today; it's mostly just outlining and getting a couple of scenes down, as well as figuring out the logistics. I've decided it's going to be an all-encompassing crossover; meaning it's going to involve more of Ms. McCaffrey's universe, like the Talents, and the Unicorns and such.

My reasoning behind this? You'll see ;)

I've decided on two main pairings as well, both of which you'll see when I get the first chapter written and posted. There might be some other, minor pairings, especially between races of the FSP and Atlantis. Can't you just see Kavanaugh with a feline humanoid? ;)

Similarly, I've decided to start my own Weyr. Not because I don't like any of the ones out there; I just want to have my own rules and be a dictator. I mean, I want to make up my own storyline and stuff. Yeah. That's what I meant.

When will this happen? Probably next year sometime. Certainly after Christmas at the soonest.

And now, on to icon making.

I love making icons, even if they're not particularly interesting to other people. I've discovered that this is because the act of making an icon is quite relaxing, and much easier than putting pencil to paper on my hands.

That, and I like to have lots of pics of Zelenka XD


Who just can't keep from talking about David Nykl *sigh*

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