murdocsangel (murdocsangel) wrote,

I love House and Bones

I don't generally talk about shows that I watch, other than to say "Gosh, that's such a great thing" or to write fics about them.

So, Gosh, Bones and House are such great things.

And now, a rant about Foreman. I hate him. I used to like him, cause he was so funny, but do you see how priggish he's become? X or something? He's so caught up in how the world revolves around him that he doesn't see the bigger picture. That House has saved more patients than lost them. And, had House been in charge, doing what he normally did...well, no doubt they would have found the infection earlier.

I guess my problem is, is that the writers seem to be making Foreman into a token character to 'add depth'. Never mind that it's making it more two-dimensional, meaning less depth.

And that's the end of that rant.

I laugh when I watch these shows. Hard. I'd probably kill House if I ever had to deal with him in real life, but that's why I like it as a tv show. It's not real and I don't got to deal with it. And it also makes it even more funny.

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