murdocsangel (murdocsangel) wrote,

The squirrels are unanimus...

...I am not the one who's taking over the world with their help; they are taking over the world with me as nothing more than an inconvenient nuisance, unable to do more than watch as they begin their reign of terror.

I've decided not to let any of my other "loyal" troops take a vote on this, considering the outcome. Still, it was an intriguing insight into what kind of minions I have, laughable though their ideals are. I think I'll let them keep it though. After all, if they think they're doing it for their own gain, then they'll work all the more efficiently.

And the squirrels, so far, have proven the most successful at completing their assigned tasks.

What tasks? That's classified information and I can't let anyone but the squirrels know. I don't even know what it is, to give you a clue as to how top secret this is. If even the head of this organization can't know what something is and is the one giving the orders, then you've got to...

You know what?

I don't even know what I'm talking about any more. If I even knew in the first place. I think it stemmed from the odd idea that I could make an entry that was more story like than anecdotal. Unfortunately, my life is filled with few anecdotes, and even less story quality material. Therefore, I've gone insane.

I used to have a group of imaginary friends when I was younger, beings and creatures that I remember as clearly as if I were still five years old trying to shut out things that I don't remember that clearly.

First, there was this group of very small monsters. I can't really describe them, because they were more an idea than anything else. Mostly I get an impression of cute fuzziness when I think of them. I dubbed them the Quieys, which is short for Quiet Monsters, because they were so quiet. They spoke only in whispers and only I could hear them.

The Quieys were quite mischievous, always getting into things, due to their curiosity. What was funny is, my younger brother would do something, but didn't want to get in trouble with my dad, and I didn't want him to get in trouble, so I would tell my dad it was the Quieys who did it.

I of course got in trouble.

After an incident with a tape being left outside, I refused to do this any more and quite eagerly told on my brother.

The Quieys were my best friends though, and there were hundreds of them, that lived in groups called Pods (which I had got from learing about whales in school).

At the other end of the spectrum were the Loudys, which, as you can no doubt guess, were very loud monsters. They were about the size of a koala bear and looked like one too, except without the ears. They would often yell and scream and throw tantrums, but mostly they were just monsters I could confide in.

See, just because they were so loud, didn't mean that anyone else could hear them. In fact, I was the only one who could. Well, except for my other imaginary friends, but that's to be expected.

I think one of my more disturbing friends was what I called the Skin Eating Monster. He didn't eat skin while he was with me, because I had reformed him. I rescued him from a bad man who was using him to hurt people. He happily ate pork rinds for the rest of his life, and even when protecting me, he never hurt anyone again.

I think most of my friends were monsters, scary creatures that didn't necessarily have names or even figures, because that was my way of not being afraid. If they were my friends they couldn't hurt me.

However, as I got a little older, my horizons expanded to other creatures as well, though I still kept the monsters close.

I was quite enchanted with horses thanks to William Farley, and so, one of my most memorable friends was a white mare named Diamond. She didn't speak or do anything out of the ordinary, but she was constantly with me. Until I created a couple of unicorns, Lightning who was black with a streak of white down his flank that looked like a lightning bolt, and Thunder who was black with a white star just below his horn. They were brothers and had come from another world to see if they could find someone to save them from an evil enemy who was threatening to destroy everything they believed in (showing that I read and watched way too many fantasy and science fictiony things).

Lightning fell in love with Diamond, and, after talking to Superman (yes, I did say Superman. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were unavailable) who had agreed to help them on their world, took her with them when they went back. I was very sad to lose them, but love is love and you can't stand in the way.

After that, I started sharing my friends with my little sister who was two years younger than me. She and I created some interesting characters together. First was Silkymane. She was a Pegasus who had got lost, and was from the same world as Lightning and Thunder. She became a good friend of my sister's.

Next came Myst. Myst is, and will always be, one of the two imaginary friends that I continue to think on constantly. He evolved, first from the idea that I wanted a unicorn that could disappear and appear as 'mist'. I had the bright idea that he should be called Myst, sort of a play on words. I was quite proud of myself for that one.

I never really thought about where he came from, he was always just there.

One day, while having fun with the Quies and Loudies (who my sister could now hear and play with(Skin Eating Monster showed himself every once in a while, but he made it known that he was my friend, and no one elses), Silkymane showed up with Lightning and Thunder. They had been sent by Silkymane's parents who were leaders of the Pegasus herd on the magical world (yeah, naming things really wasn't our strong suit) to find her.

That was when I found out that Myst, who was entirely white and had blue eyes, was the son of Lightning and Diamond. And that Superman had been captured by another villain.

That was also when we discovered that we were princesses (this was actually my sister's idea) named Alauna (my sister) and Tatia (me). Only we weren't princesses all the time. No, only when we had to become warriors to protect the universe from evil. Any other time and we were just ordinary kids, with extraordinary friends.

So, we went to Lightning's world, saved Superman (who was grateful by the way) and kicked the bad guy's rear end. His name was Kujo. And he wore bright red clothes. And he had an annoying lisp.

Anyway, the creatures of the world were so grateful, that we were allowed to stay and meet them all, and opened a special gateway so that all our friends could visit us easier, since Silkymane had to remain on the planet to do her duty.

Myst, however, refused to stay, and when his parents and uncle tried to force him, he took me on a trip through time and dimensions, until finally, when we returned, they realized we were inseparable. He was my soulmate. I think it would be prudent to mention that this happened after reading Dragonsdawn, so that could have spawned that particular idea.

The unicorn, and his past, have changed a lot in some of the stories I wrote about him, but he and I have always been together in all of them.

Back on the magical world, my sister created a family of werewolves (nice ones that didn't bite people and who were not like the werewolves you and I know). Clawdia was the mother, with her husband Clawse, and their children Clawdrian and Clawrence. Yeah. Naming things. Not our forte.

They, mostly Clawdia, came to visit us a lot, mostly trying to convince Myst to come back. Even though they were nice and didn't bite people, they still thought a magical animal living with a human was not a good thing. Being friends, fine. But not like Myst and I.

There's a few other creatures (and a lot of this stuff we carried on with until I was fifteen, like an ongoing rpg or something) like dragons and other things, but nothing really worth mentioning.

Until Ghost.

Ghost, like Myst, stemmed from me wanting something. This time, I wanted a silver sable German Sheppard, because my older sister had been breeding the dogs and that color really stood out for me when I saw one. So, Ghost became my constant companion alongside Myst.

At first, he was just a silent guardian, sort of like Diamond had been. However, I began imagining him having snarky conversations with Myst. Myst was steadfast, calm, gentle, where Ghost was loud, obnoxious and tried to inject humor in everything he did. In short, he became the comedic effect in my imagination.

He is the other friend who has stayed in my mind. He's evolved even more than Myst. He became, after learning to speak, a grey wolf. Then, after I read a book concerning modern day werewolves that were actually shapeshifters, that's what he became, and has remained to this day.

And, that's enough rambling on that. Now that I've scared everyone off...I'm going to check on my squirrel squadron.


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