murdocsangel (murdocsangel) wrote,


I hate my computer.

This is a recent development, as until now it has been a wonderful instrument, allowing me to do as I pleased and letting me enjoy the freedom of surfing the net.

However, it had been a little sluggish over doing certain things, even with DSL, so I decided to save everything to CD and then reinstall Windows. Unfortunately, I didn't really know how to do this. I know that it was supposed to overwrite the copy that was already installed, but I thought it was supposed to clear everything else out instead. Well, I turned my computer on with the disc in the drive, and it loaded Windows and ran the CD.

Apparently, this was wrong. Only I didn't realize until after I had already run the installation screwing my computer up. My sister's girlfriend (who is the computer expert in the family), puzzled over why it hadn't cleaned everything out, told me it was supposed to boot from CD.

Well, I know how to do that, and happily turned my computer off, turned it back on and pressed the key (on my computer it's F10) to get into the BIOS where I could change it to boot from CD instead of floppy. Nothing happened. It loaded up Windows like it normally would.

So, I tried again, this time pressing the key a million times. Still it loaded Windows.

So, now I'm missing a whole GB of space, and have to not run a lot of programs, which is completely annoying. I'm constantly having to run my disk cleanup utility because of low memory. It's annoying. And I'm repeating myself, so I'd better end this rant.

Anyway, I'm not running any of my messenger programs any more, starting today, because they're contributing to the slow-down. I should probably uninstall some of them but, well, I keep thinking I'll figure out another way.

Maybe if I copy my Windows XP to floppies...I think I'll e-mail my sister about it.

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