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That I just thought up! *scowls at whoever told her no more coffee* I'll drink however much I want thank you very much!!!! *breaths hard, glaring out at everyone, then smiles brightly*

It's actually more of a challenge than a meme. Anyway, I'm going to post a word, and you have to write for five minutes whatever popped into your head after seeing that word. So, I guess it's the Flow of Consciousness Meme. Right. The word is: absorbant (kindly provided by my sister)

Sponges are absorbant, they take in a lot of water. The sponge that's on our sink, is kinda nasty. We've had it for a month, and already it's gotten all junked up. I don't like using sponges for washing dishes, a dish cloth is much better because you can wash it and get rid of the icky bacteria that builds up. Actually, I don't like washing dishes period. We don't have a dishwasher so we've got to do everything by hand. Not that we wouldn't have to do it by hand anyway. Dishwashes, no matter what kind of detergent you use, invariably miss that one spot that you could have got rid of by a little bit of grit and determination. I'm not very determined though, especially when it comes to dishes. I do wash my own dishes, usually, after I'm through with them, making the job for someone else easier. Plus, I can say that I did mine, now everybody else has got to do theirs. That doesn't go over very well, if you can imagine. Still, it's nice to have clean dishes so that the kitchen doesn't smell like dead animal. Speaking of which, I think a rat died in our ceiling. It smells horrible, but we can't get to it without tearing the ceiling up. Since we just fixed not three months ago, I don't think taht's going to happen any time soon. Air freshner is my friend. My very very good and nice smelling friend. I think that if air freshener was a real person I'd live with them. I like people who don't smell like they havne't had a bath in five days, or more. My brother doesn't bathe. He doesn't bathe at all. And it's horrible. My mom asks

And that was my five minutes. It was fun. Productive. Not really. TRY IT OUT! It HELPS! With HYPERNESS CAUSED BY COFFEEE!!!!!

This has been an M.A. moment. The creators of M.A. are not liable for anything that may happen from taking this meme. Thank you.

ETA: Tag five friends, and post a word that they must use. (PS, just because I tagged, doesn't mean you have to do it; this is for demonstration purposes only)

generouscruelty: apple
planetkiller: pie
missyvortexdv: pumpkin
mari4212: bread
outonpyrrole: Mal

ETA2: Also, anybody else may do this meme. You can use the word I used, or you can use any of the five words above. Or, here's a few to use. Onion, ogre, layer, Shrek, Donkey, princess, genre, boy, girl, demon, bird, eagle, eye, dragon, scale

Have fun!

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