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You are Starlight. A simple, yet underestimated
nocturnal beauty. Your glowing happiness and
everlasting atmosphere, subtley lights up
everyones life. You are an innocent, and
hopelessly romantic person, with a love for all
those around you, and a hate for nobody. You
spend a lot of your time thinking about the
future and dreaming, but perhaps disregard the
more serious things in life, but as long as
you're happy with yourself? Never change for
anyone. 'Starlight emits a small light, but can
make anyones heart glow.'

Which Elemental wonder are you?? Fantastic results and beautiful pictures
brought to you by Quizilla

This one could be me. Well, it could have been, once, before I realized the treachery of the world. Before I understood its demeaning influence, and the way people truly thought of me.

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