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Flow of Conscious 1

The word I've been given is ham

Ham is really good with mustard on toast, and it's also good, thinly sliced with mayonaise, pickles, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, sliced avacadoes and sliced tomatoes on a toasted rhy. Oh, the wonderful memories I have of that sandwich. It's really making me hungry. I generally don't get hungry at this time of night, but man, my stomach started growling just as soon as I began describing it. Too bad we have none of those ingrediants. In fact, we have little food left in the house. Why? Because my sister and her son, stay up late at night and fix three meals, along with the meals they eat during the day. And then, they hoard food in their rooms, saying that they never get anything. That really ticks me off, because we're on a fixed budget and they act like they're the richest people in the world, able to do whatever they want. Well, I guess they can considering we're paying for them. I think I'm going to pawn my computer and everything I own and buy a ticket to California; see what kind of luck

Okay, that was today's five minutes. See you on the 28th :-D