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I have discovered the secret of life. It's *gets hit over the head and contracts selective amnesia* NOOOOO! But I had it! WHYYYYY!!!!!!!!

I should have known better than to have tried to share it. I really should have, but it was just so amazing that I felt compelled to. Now, we may never find out again.

They showed another MacGunner on AOTS and have stated that the final installment will be on tomorrow's ep. So, maybe they'll post them after that. Because it rocks so much. I have them recorded, but have no way of getting them from VHS to my computer.

Watched Bones. Was impressed by the message but not really by the ep. The storyline was a little convoluted, but that's just me. I get confused easily when it's not Sherlockian concepts being used to solve the mystery in a logical, step by step manner that doesn't involve guess work. I would suck in a job like that, if I actually had to solve anything. The ep rocked though. And I'm glad I sat through an hour of torture to watch it.

I decided to stay off the messenger services for a while. There's some creepy person who keeps IMing me. I don't know that it's the same person, but their style and misspellings make me want to assume that they are. And going invisible doesn't help. They just keep messaging me. Over and over and over and over again. Under different screen names until my computer practically freezes up.

I'm not as interested in Atlantis as I once was. Dunno if it's because of what's going on in my life right now, or just because I'm in to AOTS. I still want to watch it but if I miss it, I'm like "Meh".

I think what I really need to do is write an actual book, using my own characters and verse and stuff. Only, I'm just not disciplined enough. I keep saying I'm going to "one day" and that day never arrives.

I do have a very basic plot outline (mostly characters, what happens in the very beginning and how I want it to end) for a fantasy/supernatural story dealing with my imaginary friends, but every time I sit down to type up even that, my brain goes "Let's see what's online! Oooh shiny...let's see what it is..."

I know, I could stop that and just say "concentrate!", but then I get all anal about what I'm writing, and just can't come up with a good enough sentence and I erase it all. I'm off the mind that "If you can't do it right, then don't do it at all" sometimes.

I remember when I was writing "Death of a General", the first chaptered story I finished, it just seemed to flow. Yeah, I need to go back and revise it, because the ending sucks big time, but it still came out pretty good nonetheless. Also, many of the stories I started (and may never finish at the rate I'm going) were the same way. Only, then...the Block came. And now, the only things I can write are drivel. Seriously. PWP's, smut or otherwise, are great, but...they can only last so long before you're wishing for a real story, something with substance that you can sink your teeth into. Something you've written yourself and can be proud of, because it's epic

Wow. That went from oddball to complaining fast. I think I need another creative outlet besides graphics and writing. Something that requires me to get physical, forget about the brain power for the moment.

Yeah. Right.

Let's see.

Murdoc so totally rulls. And AOTS has portrayed him perfectly. He is the real Murdoc. I must try to contact him.

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