murdocsangel (murdocsangel) wrote,

Damnit, it's MacGyver not MacGuyver!

That being said, here's a little snippet I wrote today of a crossover. And by little, I mean so small it doesn't even need an lj-cut.

After the last adventure, Elizabeth was somewhat reassured to find buildings and cars lining both sides of a street. Somewhat, because said cars were 'vintage' and she still wasn't on Atlantis. Still, it was better than rigging and men dressed in tights with lots of facial hair.


ETA: The link to the page that has the video on it *smacks forehead*. It's a spoof of MacGyver called McGunner. And I love it. McGUUNNNERRRR!!!!!

Part One

Part Two that I just now noticed was up. *goes to watch*

Editedt to add Part THREEE!!!!!!

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