murdocsangel (murdocsangel) wrote,

"Using ordinary office supplies to keep from doing his job..."

That's the motto I've come up with for McGunner, the third part of which can be seen here.

EDIT Heh, yeah I can't even get the names of the episodes right *shakes head in annoyance*

I was annoyed at the misreused plotline, but watched it anyway. I'm somewhat glad I did, because Zelenka actually had a part in this one, rather than being just stuck in there for comedic effect (as per Critical Mass) or for no apparent reason (as per The Hive).

Anybody else think that 'sea monster' was sentient? And psychic? Yeah, I know, it was probably something like the nebula people in that one SG-1 episode, Grace-something, but as an animal lover and as someone who wishes the show(s) would have used them more, I like my first idea better.

I'll need to record the ep at it's later time so I can fast forward and get a better look.

Oh, and I just realized I'm missing Monk, so...I'm gonna go now.

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