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La la

I am more determined than ever to write something. Unfortunately, that just means that I'm no longer able to make graphic stuff, but still can't quite make myself put fingers to keyboard to produce my sprawling epic.

So, instead, I'm going to write about my day.

I woke up about eight this morning after having stayed up until three or four again with my mom standing over me telling me I had to give her cigarettes or else (I had hidden them, after she asked me to, to help her cut down). So, I gave in and gave her the whole carton and told her it wasn't my problem if she ran out and didn't have the money to go get more.

After trying to go back to sleep, and failing miserably, I reluctantly rose, got dressed and walked into the living room to see if maybe I could get anywhere with a job search. I found a couple that I applied for, but until I get an interview, no, get the job, I'm not going to hold out any hopes.

All of this took about two hours, and by that time the mail had run. Some of my W2 forms came. Now, I just need one more and I can file my income tax.

Plus, one of the W2's was from a retirement plan I had been forced to join (yes forced--my boss told us everybody had to sign up for one, whether they chose to contribute alongside the company was optional) saying I had recieved 700 taxable dollars.

Now, I had been throwing all my stuff from them away, because I hadn't worked long enough at that company to even get the minimum amount in my fund. One more year, and I would have. So, more than likely I threw that check away. And now, because I don't have any of those papers, I don't have a phone number to call them and say "Yeah. That check? Never got it."

At least that's what everybody's telling me to do. I could use that money.

Anyway, I went to look the company up online, and of course, the website they have listed does not exist. So. I'm wondering if I should mention this to the Hewitt people when I file. Probably.

The rest of the day was spent babysitting my adorable nephew while his parents went to get the closing papers on their new house.

And...that's about it.

Randomness is my friend.


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Jan. 31st, 2006 03:33 pm (UTC)
I tried that today, and all the numbers listed for it were either not working or to different companies with a very similar name. I think I might have something from when I first signed up for it in my files. Gonna try looking this afternoon, if I can get my sister to move her junk.

Actually, I think I might just call my old job in the morning, when I know my boss'll be there. She should have a number for it. Even if she doesn't, I could probably find out if she has my W2.
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