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Yeah, I had to leave Monday night because I finally found out the truth about what happened to my niece. And that my brother just left knowing what was going on. I got very nauseous and when my sister asked if I wanted to come over for a few days I agreed. So, I probably won't be online much at all because I dislike using the damn laptop greatly. I'm sure if I had a desk or something to put it on, it wouldn't be so annoying but...anyway, here's a meme because I got tagged.

Firsts Online Fandom Meme by kokopelli24
Your first fandom online?
Current favorite online fandom?
Total # of online fandoms currently involved in?
Number of fandom Cons attended?
First crush on a fictional character?
First crush on an non-human fictional character?
First fandom pairing that you fell in love with?
# of money you would spend to meet your fav actor
First fandom (pairing) you wrote fanfic for?
Fav character from any fandom and why?
Fandom that made you smile/squee most often?
Fandom that made you want to pull your hair out?
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I'll probably be back home this coming Monday. I just hope my brother isn't there because I'm afraid I might say something awful to him. And he had the gall to complain that no one cared about him, just about his daughter who was laying in the hospital with bits of her skull embedded in her brain. And two subdermal hematomas from a healed fracture. She had surgery yesterday and pulled through it all right...but she's having seizures now. But that healed fracture means she had been hurt long before they came back from Louisiana because of the hurricane. And my stupid idiotic brother knew the bitch was doing this. Knew it but wasn't man enough to stop it, or get help for his kid.

Also, a CPS agent is likely to get fired over this whole thing, because he lied about what he saw, and who he talked to. He didn't even look at the baby, just told them to clean up their house, get her her shots and the case would be closed. I know they're not doctors, and we missed some things too, but she was obviously being neglected which is why my younger sister called CPS in the first place. You'd think they'd at least order them to take her to the hospital. But no, the guy apparently either thought we were just family members out for revenge or just didn't want to do his job. Idiot.

My brother has to go to court tomorrow...maybe they'll arrest him. Because he's just as much at fault as the bitch. He let it go on. And refused to let any of us help him out, accused us of trying to kidnap his baby...because he was afraid he'd get in trouble too. Didn't want us finding out. Asshole.

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