murdocsangel (murdocsangel) wrote,


I'm getting some.

I feel as though I should post something

"McGunner's office is this way, he'll show you the ropes. Of course, since he doesn't really do anything around here--"

"McGunner. I know that name. It sounds...familiar..."

"Uh yeah, sure. Look, this job is--"

"Doesn't he work for the Phoenix Foundation?"

"Uh no. No he doesn't. Now pay attention, this job is fairly simple. The manager, Ted--"

"Are you certain? I could have sworn I knew a McGunner, and he worked for the Phoenix Foundation."

"...okay. Maybe McGunner worked for this "Phoenix Foundation" before (although I seriously doubt it--that he worked that is). Anyway, that's not important. Mr. Norton is--"

"Then he must be the one I've been having those dreams about!"

"Right. Dreams. About McGunner. Dude, now you're just scaring...oh hey McGunner this is--"

"I am Murdoc, your archnemesis! And I will bring you down McGunner, if it's the last thing I do!"

That was really...lots of fun.

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