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It's been a really long week. Monday, I got to go to a Family Group Conference thing to discuss what was going to happen regarding placement of the babies. I found out most of the truth of what happened that very first week (most, because only the beast knows exactly what happened), and wasn't at all suprised to find out that yes, my sister was telling the truth about my brother having been there the day after it happening and then leaving to go visit with friends, even though he knew his baby was hurt.

The other baby was born Saturday, about eight weeks premature. She was 2lbs 6oz, and had jaundice, due to absolutely no prenatal care whatsoever. Today, my sister called the CPS case worker, and we were told she gained a little weight, but was still jaundiced. Also, she's been taken off the ventilator, because she's breathing perfectly fine. I'm so happy about that.

I'm glad my brother didn't go to the thing, because he would have lost his temper, because, you know, everybody's against him OMG!!!!!eleventyone!!!

In fact, his first words, after hearing that his new baby had been born, and the details of the birth, were "My wife's out of jail and no one told me?" And then, "CPS can't, legally take that baby. She had nothing to do with this case, and CPS can't take her from me." Which might seem like something any parent would say in a situation like this. However, the reason he said it is because "It's MY baby, to do with how I want to." Like she's some kind of object to be owned.

Later, after he settled down, he began ranting on the premature birth. "What did they do to my wife in that jail to make her go into labor so early? The guards raped her. They jumped her and beat her up. I know they did."

Of course it couldn't have had anything to do with the fact that the beast was epileptic, could it? Or the fact that she refused to take her medicine, eat right, or even try to care for herself? No, it had to be that she got beat up. And even if that were true, he worries about that, but not about the fact that she was the one who practically killed his daughter?

Oh wait, he wasn't there at all in the jail, so he doesn't have to worry about getting in trouble for that if it were true. Plus, the baby's never going to remember this, so it's okay that it happened. So long as he doesn't get in trouble for it.

Today, he came home, moaning about the fact that he might be getting arrested. Oh, and he wasn't supposed to discuss anything with us, according to his lawyer, or anyone for that matter. So what does he do? Calls up every single one of his friends to try and get sympathy. Because woe is him! Nobody loves him!

Anyway, after Monday, he went away for a few days, and I really really wish he'd have stayed gone, because it was peaceful.

Tuesday and Wednsday were pretty much uneventful, execpt for the fact that my car has decided to start dieing randomly as I'm driving now. And, I got my income tax money, but I don't have it, because I had to deposit in the bank and it takes forever for them to process checks.

On the upside, I'm going to try to get Flash with my income tax money, so I can start playing around with it again. I may also become organized enough to start my own business (though this probably will never happen), or if not, at least make some cool animations to show off for a portfolio.

Oh oh! I've also started planning a ninety five chapter fic! For AOTS, which probably isn't all that exciting to anyone on my flist, lol. But, I did begin planning, and have the ending all worked out, and that's a positive in my book.

My nephew is adorable. At the family meeting, he kept going up to the foster mother and begging to hold the baby, saying "I wanna hold baby Lula. Can I hold baby Lula? Pweaaaase?" He's only two and a half, and so smart.

Of course, he also goes around saying "What the hell?" because his cousin and his daddy have said that in front of him, hehe. His mommy tries to circumvent it by saying "Hey, why don't we use What the heck instead?" It works sometimes, other times not so much. Mostly because the little guy thinks it's hilarious when Mommy sighs and shakes her head and says "What am I going to do with you?"

Also, we went to the park the other day. I drove out there to meet them, and when I walked up, he came running up to me and said, "Aunt Mary! You're here! That's so awesome!" Hee!

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