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Something I wrote

I decided two days ago that I was going to write something, even if it made absolutely no sense. Well, I had to go to the store that first day, then to my grandmothers to pay my insurance and the rest of the year for internet (so I'm not sitting around feeling all guilty about that). Then yesterday, I couldn't even look at my computer without getting this awful queasy feeling, so I got out my Nintendo DS that I bought for myself and played Animal Crossing. After an hour of that, I went to the book store and bought three Dean Koontz books and a book of Hans Christian Anderson stories. The last is for my nephew. Even though he can't sit still long enough for anyone to read to him.

Anyway, I spent the rest of yesterday reading (finishing off one of the books-I had to though! If I didn't, I'd have gone crazy wondering what was going to happen next!). I tried to go to bed at around ten, but my other nephew, the seventeen year old one, was smoking weed with his little friends in his room, and the smell had saturated my bedroom since it's right next to his. So, I didn't get to go to be til five or six, after they had been asleep for hours and the stench had dissipated.

I woke up at nine this morning, and haven't been able to go back to bed since. I tried playing my game, but I couldn't concentrate. Then I tried watching tv, but with no cable, there's nothing I want to watch. I lay on my bed after that, staring at the ceiling, trying to expand upon this idea I'd once had for a comic book. I couldn't make a comic book because I can't draw the same character and make it look like the same character with different expressions. I can look at a picture of say, Inuyasha, and draw it from that, but I couldn't then turn around and draw Inuyasha in different poses.

So, after thinking and thinking about this subject, I realized that if I fleshed it out enough, I could make it into a novel. Probably a lot easier than I could make a comic book, even if someone else was doing the art.

Of course, after all this, even being super excited and in the writing mood (especially being sleep deprived!), I couldn't write it out. I tried several sentences, but none of them worked right, and my mind was in that stage that,
'it don't flow, you ain't writin' it'. I spent a futile hour trying to convince my brain that, yes, I was going to write it, and that it was going to be written no matter what. Stupid brain thinks it's smarter than me.

So, finally, I got online, checked my e-mail (28 spam messages!), then decided to update my LJ. Guess what? I'm able to write now. Stupid brain thinks it's smarter than me.

And now, I'm going to leave. Going back to the book store because their sale is today. And there's lots of Dean Koontz books I don't yet have. Maybe I'll even find a good anatomy book for drawing...

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