murdocsangel (murdocsangel) wrote,

How do you know when you've played a game too much?

The answer, quite simply, is when you hear the music in your head, even when other songs are playing on the radio. When you close your eyes, and there the little beasties are, with their furry little faces, weird tops and funny little sounds they make when talking. Because this game doesn't have voice actors. Oh no, it's this chipmunk thing talking, and while it's cute, it gets annoying after four hours of straight game play.

Then there's the thieving racoon. Tom Nook. Evil little fellow. Greedy too. However, he's not so bad as the fox. Crazy Redd'll sell you counterfeit paintings, and laugh about it later. Good thing I bought that insurance from the shady insurance salesman. The same shady insurance salesman who makes you pay.

I think I'm going to play Nintendogs for a while. Then again, maybe not. That game gets super boring after a while. It's not as addictive as Animal Crossing. I do have Harvest Moon though...that one's okay, even if there's not enough hours in the day...

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