murdocsangel (murdocsangel) wrote,

I felt like writing something, but after the rush of NaNo, I got hit with the 'blank page' syndrome. So, I'm just gonna ramble on about nothing here in my journal.

I'm going back to Texas for Christmas. Since buying the tickets around Thanksgiving, I've been having dreams about some guy offering me a job and me moving back there for good. Sometimes, I accept and it turns out that I'm a secretary of some sort, in one of those old PI movies. Pretty awesome. One time, I turned him down, and then he says he has to introduce me to someone, so I say yes, and it's my current boss, who tells me he's running away to get married, and then it's not really him but a person I knew in high school, whose name I don't remember, who is in disguise so that he can 'convince' me to go back to Texas for good.

Other times, when I turn the offer down, the dream just continues on into other weird things like being late for work because the bus driver won't let me get off the bus. Or having to walk through an abbey to get to the bus stop after working in a jungle.

My dreams have always been pretty interesting. It's just weird that on the nights that I can remember dreaming, it always starts off with that guy and the offer.

I've decided it's because I kinda miss being around my family. My sister now has a full time job and doesn't call me as often as she used to, and when she does we can't talk for long because the signal sucks. So, probably after Christmas I'll quit having the dreams.

Also, I'm really sick of my boss making cameos in my dreams. I mean, seriously. I have to deal with him all day at work, I don't wanna have him haunt my sleep too.

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