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So, I had my roomie drop me off at Burlington Coat Factory so I could look and see if they had any coats in my size. If they did, I have no way of knowing, because that place is more unorganized than a flea market. Seriously. I spent about twenty minutes just looking for the coats themselves (which were in the center of the store, after having to pass through things that were definitely not coats), and when I found them, they were all over the place. There was a size twenty in with the twos, and eights in with the sixteens.

I left very quickly, because the store was crowded and it's really hard to browse in unorganized mess when people are grabbing things out of your hand and laughing triumphantly that they got what they needed and you were left standing empty handed. And all I was doing was looking at the size and price tag. Of course, that's what I get for going shopping during the holiday season.

So, after all that crap, I have to walk about a quarter of a mile to get from that store to a sidewalk, because the stores are not laid out for pedestrians, at all. Since the mall was right across where I finally got out, I decided to try the T-Mobile store inside and get my new phone, or at least ask about adding another line so I can give my mom one. I couldn't even get to the mall, because traffic was bumper to bumper in the parking lot, and a cop told me I couldn't walk through the parking lot from where I was at. When I asked him how and where I could walk across, he gave me a funny look and said he didn't really know either.

Oh well, I thought, there was another T-Mobile store another quarter of a mile away, and all I had to do to get to it was follow the sidewalk I was on, plus, I'd have to walk that way to get to the bus stop to get home anyway. When I got there? It wasn't open anymore. They had moved locations about six miles away.

So, I came home empty handed and still pissed off. And mostly because this stupid town, that is so proud of having a bus system because it helps cut down on pollution, is not really built for pedestrians, except on the Strip. And the buses? Well, they tell everyone that they can't get enough buses to do every route at fifteen minutes or so, because there's just not enough ridership. Except that they brag about how much ridership there is when trying to get people to buy bus passes and stuff. And they don't have enough ridership, because people can't rely on consistent service.

However, I can say that at least I got some exercise out of the whole ordeal. Oh, and when I was looking for the other T-Mobile store, I figured out how pedestrians can get into that particular mall. There's a sidewalk that goes around six large stores, breaks for cars to go through, and finally winds around to the mall storefront. So, if you're riding the bus, you basically have to travel in a big circle to get inside. Most people just cut across the parking lot, me included, because no one knows about this. And usually, this is okay, because it's not the holidays.

And now, I'm not mad anymore after typing that out. Feels so much better.

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