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I'm moving again, today actually, and I'm still not finished cleaning up. The packing's pretty much done though; I've just got my computer and this ginormous box of books to go.

Still in the good 'ol LV, just around the corner pretty much. A friend from work and his wife invited me and I said yes, because it would be a lot cheaper than an apartment, and I'd have a room all my own (not just some little alcove out of the way). Plus, it's not an old beat up trailer that's seen better days. And, I get a ride to and from work everyday.

And, somehow, I've become obsessed with Pokemon again. I honestly have no idea how that happened. One minute, I was playing Tales of Symphonia, writing a few fanfictions and BAM! I got this weird idea for a crossover and I was lost. Damnit. Oh well, it'll end soon enough. Probably when I've beaten Pearl and chained a few shinies from that one (I've already beaten Diamond).

I refuse to write any fanfiction for it. REFUSE! (I might not stay will stay strong).

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