murdocsangel (murdocsangel) wrote,

At work, we've been doing this "Question of the Day" thing. They're usually from a book with discussion topics. Only, when I actually try to discuss something, everyone gets mad and says "it's just for fun, don't be so serious."

Until a few weeks ago when the question was "If you could destroy one thing, what would that be?"

I decided to be silly and said, "I would destroy LOVE, muahahahahahahahahahaha!"

Guess what? They wanted to get philosophical and discuss it. *pouts*


I have now decided that my plan for taking over the world will include destroying love. Because in order to destroy love, you'd really have to destroy all human emotion, and to do that you'd have to have some form of mind control or turn everyone into robots. So, once you've done that people will do whatever you say because they're robots and don't know any better.

Except for that one or two who got away with pretending to be your minions because you can't destroy your own emotions or then what would the point in taking over the world be. I mean, you wouldn't even care by that point, right? And, you'd need a couple of minions to do stuff for you and if they're mindless robots they wouldn't be as efficient (and let's face it, you really need someone intelligent to speak with on those cold rainy nights amirite?)

The minion that got away would of course find some way of reversing the process, while making you think he loved you, but in reality he just wanted his old sweetheart back. And then they kill you and live happily ever after.

The End.

Moral of the story? Just stick with the squirrels. Even if you have to trick them into believing they're in charge when you're really the one in charge.

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