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I just bought a permanent account! Woo! No more having to worry about changing credit cards every year!

In other news, I've created two new characters in WoW. Well, three, but one doesn't count because I've come to discover the evil that is the nelf. They remind me way too much of the Ancients from Stargate, and I really hated the Ancients.

One is a dwarf hunter on Earthen Ring, who I am leaving at level ten with her pet cat Darkfang (and will have her backstory up soon), and the other is a tauren hunter on Sentinels who is currently at level 10 with her pet wolf who has no name yet because he hasn't earned it. Both charries are on rp servers, and I've already come up with an outline for Rahena's (the tauren) backstory (which is turning out to be a lot more involved than I originally intended). Rhaena (yup, a reordering of the letters :p) however is proving more difficult. Dwarves have a rich culture lore-wise, but I'm not sure how to incorporate Rhaena into it.

I have an idea on how she tamed Darkfang (really, I was just looking for a pet other than the ones in Dun Morogh). Basically, she got drunk, somehow made it to Stormwind, and then to Azuremyst Isle, where she woke up with a killer hangover and an infected Nightstalker Runt trying to maul her to death. A short time later she had found her very first pet.

And as I'm typing this, I've come up with a short little background. She was born to a family of warriors, and was expected to follow in her elder brother's footsteps. Failing that, and having shown a slight tendency towards magic, she was to become a priest. However, it turned out that she worked best when alone. Too many accidents. But no one will really talk about it, unless you get them very, very drunk. Very drunk. For a dwarf. The paladins didn't even let her in the door, and she was too clumsy to be a priest. The family was resigned to having to take care of her, when during a harsh winter she showed excellent marksmanship with a gun, and an affinity for animals.

I'll probably fix this later. Before I really start rping with her. I'm really not certain how dwarfs feel about hunters, and I don't think the hunters themselves are as in tune with nature as say the nelves and the dranei, or the Horde hunters, or at least don't think the same way about it.

Rahena on the other hand is really easy to write for, and suddenly her little backstory is becoming a novel.

Also, I need to practice with emotes and look for some rp addons, because I have never roleplayed in a game such as this. Text based rp ftw.

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