murdocsangel (murdocsangel) wrote,

So I'm about to head to bed, so I can wake up at an indecently early time to avoid the gankfest that is Firetree pvp.

However, I'm really not tired (probably because of the giant cup of Mountain Dew I had at lunch plus chocolate--did I ever mention that chocolate and caffeine are not a good combo for me?) so I'm trying to kill some time by writing.

I've become so out of practice, that it's difficult for me to type up anything at all. Even something as silly and inconsequential as say... "M.A. on Atlantis or God Help us All". Seriously.

I really miss the days when I could just open up notepad, begin writing and not worry about grammar, spelling, punctuation or plot. Just go with the flow and hope something happens. Now, I start writing and I get all anal about what I've just written. I can't even post on forums or review without wondering if I've just made an idiot of myself. So instead I post really random things and end up looking like an idiot anyway. Me no likey.

Ah well, at least online no one can see me blush when I type something that I later realize could be taken a different way.

I've mostly learned my lesson on that at work. Especially after the day I said "I'll never stop sucking!" in response to someone telling the boss that our charts would look better when people quit sucking.

Yeah. Now I have a collection of blow pops sitting on my desk. But that's okay, since I really like them.

Also, I totally did not say "I always feel like a nut", when someone sang Almond Joy/Mounds jingle. I caught myself just before I said it.

So. Yeah.


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