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I keep smelling bleach. I know that's why I have this pounding headache and am feeling dizzy and not breathing well. Yet, my mom says we have no bleach in the house. I'm not really allergic to bleach, but when it's used too much, I get these symptoms.

And, more importantly, I smell it. So why, if there's none in the house, do I keep smelling it?

It's a mystery. Maybe my sister brought some in...but I don't know. In any case, it's horrible.

On a completely different note, the lady across the street called the fire department on us. Why? Because we were grilling, and according to her, "normal people would be at work, not at home grilling and possibly causing the whole neighborhood to go up in smoke". Needless to say, the guys on the firetruck were not happy.


Who is going to try and go to sleep...maybe the bleach (or maybe it's some other source of chlorine...?) smell will go away...

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