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Life is a strange thing...

Yeah, it takes me some time to even come up with a good title for my fiction, so forgive the oddness of any entry subject line.

Today I woke up at eleven a.m. to find my mother and my sister cleaning out my brother's room. He moved to another state last week, but left his room in a mess. When I say mess, I mean such an accumulation of clothes, trash, old dishes, et cetera it could be for eight people rather than just the one. And he had just cleaned his room a month ago...

Apparently they've decided that it is now going to be my room...but there is no way I'm going to step foot in there until they are done. I mean, they don't know what he's been up to in there, neither do I for that matter, but I have some idea considering he liked to confide in me.

People in my family do that a lot. Confide their dirty, or not so dirty, little secrets to me, as if I don't have problems of my own. Maybe it's because I don't judge them, I just listen and nod my head at intervals, offering sage advice--that really isn't so sage, just me trying to remember my psychology class--and generally just being there.

It's become something of a problem with my second oldest sister because her girlfriend has taken to doing the same thing. So when they had a fight, and her girlfriend asked me to help her out, my sister got mad when I took her somewhere she could think things through.

Okay, that's rather more depressing than I wanted it to be, so on to more cheerful and insane stuff!

Like Radek. See, now I can quit wasting glue and paper because I have this lovely little graphics program that I can use to manipulate my favorite Czech scientist. He's so adorable. With his messy hair, and big blue-grey eyes...

Oh! That reminds me!

I have a CD Rom burner, but stupid me kept saving my pics and stories on my hard drive. It's all Zelenka's fault you see, because he keeps distracting me. I had to watch Hot Zone and Brotherhood like five times before I was satisfied that I had seen enough of him and could get to the main story line. I'd better make sure I have a tape so I can record Letters from Pegasus and both parts of The Seige, just in case.

He even preempts my McWeirism...which says a lot considering that's what I write mostly, McWeir fics.

I hate having fangirlish obsessions...

And yet I love it..


Who is now sniggering because her sister found something she really didn't want to in that room...

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